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Duration: 08 Apr 2017 - 16 Apr 2017
Location: Isla Blanca, Cancun, Mexico
Price: 870 EUR

Dates : 15-23 April 2017

Location : Isla Blanca, Cancun, Mexico

Price: 870 EUR

Riding Level : Intermediate / Advance (Minimum requirement – riding upwind)


Join us on our first Queen of Kite expedition to the Magical Isla Blanca, Mexico !

Located just an hour away from the heart of Cancun, Isla Blanca is a kiteboarding paradise ! Turquoise flat water, and mild steady wind make it a perfect place to advance you kiteboarding skills to the next level !

We will be staying at the girls-only Kite House, ride, progress, and have fun every single day ! You will have a chance to meet kitegirls like you, from all around the world, and make new friends for future kiteboarding adventures !

During the trip we will offer 6 days of Coaching, and 2 days of freeride and other attractions ! You will be able to chose one of the 3 levels – basic (riding toeside, hooked in jumps, transitions), intermediate (spins, grabs, introduction to unhooked tricks), and advanced (unhooked tricks and airpasses). We will help you set goals for the trip, and provide personal approach to each participant, to make sure each one of you learns what aims for !

Most importantly we will have a lot of FUN !

Full Rig Kiting Shot
Getting There

Our designated airport is Cancun International !

As we are hoping to see you guys coming from all corners of the world, unfortunately we cannot organize flights for everyone. This means you will have to book your own ticket. However, we can give you some good tips !

TUI offers direct charters to cancun from most big european cities. So far the best connection we’ve found is with JetAir Fly (TUI’s airline), From Brussels.

Condor also offers great connections through Frankfurt.

Once you get to cancun, you won’t need to worry about anything else, we will make sure to pick you up, and transfer directly to Isla Blanca !

Ikarus Lodging

We will be staying at Ikarus Kiteboarding, a really great kite school, led by great bunch of people. You will most likely share a room with one, two, or three other girls, so if you’re coming with a friend, make sure to let us know and we will make sure to put you guys together. And if not, that’s cool ! This means you will get to know another girl who shares your passion, and make new friends for your future kite trips !

Ikarus is situated directly on the spot, and is the only place to stay there. There is an amazing charm about this place, it is wild, chilled out and quite isolated from the outside world. A perfect environment to break out of your daily routine, disconnect, and focus on your progression, healthy lifestyle, and long conversations with great people !

Beware, internet might not be available ! But do not despair, if you really need to keep up with your work, we will help you organize a sim card so you don’t get fired on our watch 😉

Ikarus will also be taking care of our meals, making sure we have delicious and healthy food to eat. Get ready, because you’re gonna love the REAL Mexican Tacos, Quesadillas, and shrimp salads, and it’s nothing like Taco Bell ! however we will also take you out to a climatic restaurant in town, so you can taste a different flavour of Mexico.

Off-Water Activities

Off The Water Activities

We will kick off almost each day with a morning Yoga. Our yoga program will be specifically designed to get you ready for a full day of riding and progression ! In the evenings we will conduct stabilization and stretching exercises to avoid injuries, and show you how to train to stay fit and healthy throughout your kiteboarding adventure !

We will also have day trips, to show you the beauty of Quintana-Roo ! We will be visiting the breathtaking Mayan Pyramids at Chichen-Itza, and the Cenotes along Playa del Carmen. We are sure you are going to make unforgetable memories !

In case of a windless day, we will make sure you stay active, we might visit a newly opened cable park – which provides a great opportunity for cross-training for kiting.

We will also be doing many more fun stuff, but let’s not spoil it straight away ! Let’s keep it a surprise for you ! But we promise, it is going to be awesome !

The Spot

La Punta – the spot we are most likely to be using, is pretty much perfection. There are no major hazards; the water is warm like a soup (you can ride your bikini), flat like butter, and the bottom is shallow and sandy. if the wind drops you are usually able to simply walk back, even if you are pretty far out. It is very safe, never the less we will have an assistance of a jet ski, so that you can feel even safer.

The beach in Isla Blanca

Kiteboarding Gear

We strongly encourage you to bring your own gear ! If you are a proud owner of your favourite set, bring it ! It will be easier for you to progress if you are already familiar with the equipment ! If you do not have your own gear, make sure to inform us in the registration form, and we will come up with a solution 😉 The wind on Isla blanca is mild and nice, so you probably won’t need your 6’s and 7’s. You will most likely use sizes between 9 and 13, but if you can, bring them all ! You never know what can happen, and mother nature tends to be quite unpredictable.

Kiting in Isla Blanca


  • Transfer from and to the airport
  • Accomodation in Girls-only shared house
  • Breakfasts, lunches, dinners
  • 6 days of coaching by professional kiteboarding athletes
  • Yoga and stretching sessions
  • Special Queen Of Kite Gift bag
  • Pictures + Video coaching

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Looking forward to see you in Mexico !

Happy Times in Cancun